Thursday, May 5, 2016

A performance poem for my 6th grade students--Stalker


I see you
laughing in the hall
yelling at the top of your lungs
to the person within whisper distance
I see you
pushing through the mass of middle-schoolers to make it to math
agitating your peers like a washing machine
I see you
showing your artwork
to your best friend
forgetting you have someplace to be
I see you
screeching song lyrics
either because you think they’re cool
or because those words are stuck in your head
Thank you for sticking them in mine
I see you
pop another piece of gum
daring to be a rebel
daring to get caught
I see you
battle with yourself
“Should I put my cell phone in my locker or in my binder?”
I’d go with the first choice
I see you
gritting your teeth
biting your tongue
refusing to respond
to the trash out of your control
I see you
use my desk and my floor as a garbage can
expecting your teacher “The Maid”
to pick it up
I see you
trying to sneak a kiss for your bf or gf
when in all reality you should still be playing with GI Joes or Barbies
Yes, I see you

I see you
growing like a weed
with plenty of water
plenty of food
plenty of room
I see you
maturing from
tadpole to frog
toddler to teenager
a lump of wet clay to an exquisite sculpture
I see you
giving 150% to an assignment
that you’re not even 100% sure how to do
I see you
share kind words with a student
who needs your friendship
like they need air to breath
I see you
struggling to comprehend
the words that are coming from  my mouth
but you try your very best anyways
I see you
raise your hand to participate
use the magic word like you’ve been taught
say “Thank You” and mean it
take accountability when you make a mistake
I see you
learn from that mistake
I see you
honestly engaged and excited about...
you fill in the blank here
I see you
becoming the next Edgar Allan Poe or Emily Dickenson
with writing skills that can’t be contained on paper
and to me,  anything you write is more stunning than
a perfect whip and nae nae
I see you
feverishly erase and replace a test answer with another
either showing that you doubted yourself
or you actually dug into your memories of the lesson
and found that answer that you knew was right,
either way
I see you
giving your all
I see you
genuinely caring about your grades,
your friends,
your families,
and your teachers
I see you
right before my eyes

into a 7th grader

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